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20 year old. My fave things are many, but a few are anime, horse riding, musical theater and Disney. Currently in first year of Dundee University completing a Bsc in Psychology.
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this girl literally destroys all other covers of let it go and she does it sitting down

holy shit

bow down.

Hot Topic is Stealing My Designs →


Now I know there are a lot of other Disney Inspired Bow makers out there that make their own original designs. And I also know there are bow makers out there who steal my designs. I don’t care how simple you think a design is, my designs are solely my creations. I take every thought and idea and…

Freshers ‘13


Great haul from the Dundee Uni freshers Fayre today. Well chuffed with myself.  Signed my life away to soo many societies and groups that I’m never gonna catch a break :D

Decided to sign up for:

Dundee Equestrian Society

Swing Dance Society

OPSOC (operatic/musical society)

Pyschology Society

Geography and Enviromental Sciences Society

Ice Skating Society

And I also signed up for radiolollipop which visit sick children in the local hospital and to be a Dundee rep student ambassador.

On looking back I may have to Give up on some though…oops ;)

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